About Us

S&M Virtual Assistant Services LLC. is geared towards helping small businesses get organized and generate more income. Our skilled Virtual Assistants help manage, oversee, and complete tasks to lighten your workload stress that you face in the day to day operations of your business. When your overwhelmed and exhausted, you cant serve your customers or team properly!

Most business owners and entrepreneurs hire virtual assistants to keep things organized and reduce overhead costs. Not having to pay for your assistants internet connection, laptop or other office space related expenses can save you money. Hiring one of our Virtual Assistants will shape your company into the platform that you desire overnight!

Maybe your business is too small for Full-time administrative employees. No worries! We can perform the odds and ends to help your business run more efficiently at a very affordable rate.

Our Assistants are independent workers who can assist your business with administrative, website, social media, marketing, business development tasks and more!

With the advent of the internet, businesses can now subcontract some of their processes to literally anyone across the world! Our Virtual Assistants work online from a remote location while handling designated tasks for your company.

Hiring full time employees are a thing of the past! Wouldn't it be great to pay someone primarily based off of the time that they spent completing a task? Virtual Assistants help businesses become more productive by taking on the tasks that you just aren't getting done! This will allow you more time to focus on strategic goals. The service sector has benefited the most with virtual assistants helping ease the burden on small businesses. Our Virtual Assistants are only paid for the time they are truly working. We track the time spent on the work for you and charge for that time or that project ONLY! You're not paying for break times, occasional conversations, or other downtime. JUST THE WORK!

Let the feeling of being unorganized go TODAY by hiring S&M Virtual Assistant Services LLC. TOMORROW!